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Growth Ninja - Make More Money

Scalable Lead Generation Service
Make More Money Than You Put In

Tired of tinkering around Facebook Ads or paying flat fees without receiving a profitable ROI?

Ad copy and featured images aren't the only thing we constantly A/B split-test.

We spend days autonomously researching your target audience so our ads reach people most likely to pay you money.

Growth Ninja also optimizes and split-tests your landing pages.

In addition to new leads, we'll use remarketing to convert website visitors into paying customers.

Performance-Based Pricing

Growth Ninja's Revenue-Share Model

Pay Per Lead
No Arbitrary Maintenance Fees

We're confident in our services, that's why we tie our monthly pricing to performance.

We don't deliver? We don't get paid. As simple as that.

You pay us per new lead we generate through Facebook.

We don't charge you for leads that were already subscribed.

Frequently Asked Questions

What's the difference between your pricing model and monthly retainers?

The biggest benefit of Growth Ninja's model is that it incentivizes us to maximize your budget and keep cost per acquisition/expenses down.

It's in our best interest to get as many targeted-leads for you as possible and it forces us to work for the money.

Due to the potentially higher pay-off, we're driven to routinely split-test ad copy, images, landing page, and even the audience (we consider every angle and we're not one trick ponies who rely on solely one technique, like remarketing).

We want to target the right audience because we know they're more likely to convert for you, meaning we get paid more as Facebook rewards high ad engagement with lower costs per action.

Do you have a referral or affiliate program?

Yes, we do!

We pay out 20% of our monthly earnings from any and all clients you refer to our services.

Please contact us for more details.

Can you give an example of the pricing model?

Let's say you've agreed to allocate $1K to Facebook ads expenses and that you're paying us $1 for each lead we acquire (exclusive of ad budget).

If our ad campaigns cost us $2 to acquire each lead, the budget is exhausted after 500 leads. For that month, you would pay us $500 = [(1,000/2)x1].

Here's our ROI calculator. It calculates ROI based off of your ad budget, estimated cost per acquisition, our costs, and value per subscriber.

Please make a copy of our ROI calculator and make changes to the green fields to get a close estimate.

Contact us to get an exact price.

Who are your ideal clients?

Our ideal clients have an established sales funnel or email autoresponder sequence with historical data to prove they can convert leads into sales.

Since our primary focus is on lead generation, we require clients to have a system in place to turn prospective customers into paying customers.

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