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Growth Ninja - Make More Money

Scalable Facebook Ad Service
Go From Hundreds to THOUSANDS Per Day in Ad Spend and Profit

Tired of tinkering around Facebook Ads or paying other agencies flat fees without receiving a profitable ROI? Not sure why your ROI drops like a rock when you increase the budget? Let us handle scale for you. It's our specialty.

We regularly take clients from a couple hundred dollars per day ad spend to four and five-figure per day spends while maintaining (and improving) return on ad spend.

Best part? We don't rely on just warm traffic and retargeting like most advertisers. We love the challenge of making cold traffic scale like crazy for you.

Growth Ninja's Revenue-Share Model

100% Performance-Based Pricing
No Arbitrary Maintenance Fees

We're confident in our services, that's why we tie our monthly pricing to performance.

We don't deliver? We don't get paid. As simple as that.

For direct-to-sale campaigns, we charge 15% of revenue attributed to our ads. For lead generation campaigns, you pay us per lead.

The majority of clients who hire us see that even with our costs included plus ad spend, their total ROI is higher than if they ran it themselves or through another agency.

Frequently Asked Questions

What's the difference between your pricing model and most other ad agencies' models?

The biggest benefit of Growth Ninja's model is that it incentivizes us to maximize your budget and keep cost per acquisition down.

It's in our best interest to bring you as much profit as possible and it forces us to work for our money because the more we make you the more we're paid.

Due to the potentially higher pay-off, we're driven to routinely split-test ad copy, images, and audiences (we consider every angle and we're not one trick ponies who rely on milking one audience all day.)

Do you have a referral or affiliate program?

Yes, we do!

We pay out 20% of our monthly earnings from any and all clients you refer to our services.

Some referrers are making several thousand dollars per month with us just by sending us business.

Please check out our referral checklist for more details.

Can you give an example of the pricing model for both direct sales and lead generation?

For direct sales campaigns, our pricing is 15% of revenue attributed to our ads (clickthrough sales only.) If we generate $100K in revenue for a specific month, you'd be paying Growth Ninja $15K for the month.

Lead generation is typically $1 per lead (email opt-in, webinar registrant, etc.) Let's say you've allocated $10K per month in ad spend to your lead generation campaigns and that you're paying us $1 for each lead we acquire. If our ad campaigns cost us $2 in ad spend to acquire each lead, the budget is exhausted after 5,000 leads. For that month, you would pay us $5,000 = [(10,000/2)x1].

Here's our ROI calculator (via FB Messenger.) It calculates ROI based off of your ad budget, estimated cost per acquisition, our costs, and value per subscriber.

Please make a copy of our ROI calculator and make changes to the green fields to get a close estimate.

Who are your ideal clients?

Ideally, you've already proven Facebook Ads is a viable channel for your business. It's working. It's profitable. You're already spending hundreds every day and seeing a positive return... but you want to see positive returns when scaling budgets to the thousounds every day.

The biggest value Growth Ninja provides for our clients is scaling (arguably the most difficult part of Facebook Ads.) If you're already profitable, we can take your sales figures to the next level

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