Performance-Based Facebook Ads

I align 100% of my incentives with my clients.

That's why I only get paid on results and not a single cent more.

Scaling since 2015

Taking clients from hundreds in ad spend per day to THOUSANDS per day in profitable ad spend.

Vincent Nguyen, Founder


pawning you off to junior advertisers

My name's Vincent Nguyen. I've been running Growth Ninja since 2015. It's always been just me because I want to work with a small amount of clients I can maintain a close and personal relationship with and I don't want anyone to ever feel like they've just been pawned off onto a junior advertiser.

That's the unfortunate experience of most companies that hire ad agencies... They get on the phone with the smooth talker and it seems like the best senior advertisers are going to handle things... but they instead interface and work with someone who may be the least experienced in the entire company!

You'll be working with me the whole way through.
I'll take your phone call, I'll write the ad copy, design the creatives, work with you to formulate successful offers, etc. I'll even be the one to send you the weekly reports every Sunday.

There isn't a single part of Growth Ninja that gets outsourced.


performance-based pricing

I only charge based on revenue generated by my ads. Zero retainer.

It keeps me accountable and aligns my incentives with yours.

I'll make sure you're profitable even after my fees, your ad spend, and COGS.

What happens if I can't do that? I won't charge you a cent.

The biggest benefit of Growth Ninja's model is that it incentivizes me to maximize your budget and keep cost per acquisition down. It's in my best interest to bring you as much profit as possible and it forces me to work for my money because the more I make you the more I'm paid.


of businesses who reach out to work with me get turned away.

Why? Two reasons. The first is something no one likes to hear... but some businesses just are never going to do well on Facebook and I'm the only advertiser that will honestly tell you that.

The second is that I hate losing clients money.

I'll only take you onboard if I'm 100% confident I can deliver  profitable results.


of millions of dollars in revenue generated

I manage hundreds of thousands of dollars in ad spend each month, generating multi-8 figures for my clients' ad campaigns. Growth Ninja isn't just a name—it's a proven title.

Not sure why your ROI drops like a rock when you increase the budget? Let me handle scale for you. Adding more zeroes while maintaining profitable returns on your ad spend is my specialty.

Best part? I don't rely on just warm traffic and retargeting like most advertisers. I love the challenge of making cold traffic scale like crazy for you (after all, that's how you truly grow your audience and your revenue).

Want to scale together? Let's get in touch.

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