Performance-Based Facebook Ads

We Won't Even Send You an Invoice If We're Not Profitable


& Properly 
Scaled Ads

We don't just run ads & call it a day...

We also develop custom AI-powered tools & resources for you to boost your sales & conversion rates

Why? The more money we generate for you, the better our compensation.

We Use an In-House, AI-Powered Audience Targeting Tool

None of the existing tools on the market could do what we needed, which is why we developed our own solution to help target stronger, more relevant interests. This provides a significant improvement in Return on Ad Spend for our scaling campaigns.

We quite literally have the only tool that can take any website URL or competitor (even if they're not targetable via Facebook Ads) and show you relevant Interests that are targetable. We also don't need a partial match in the original search query to show you targetable audiences. This tool constantly aids us in finding new audiences/interests that outperform what we've already been scaling.

Don't believe it's that good? Just email with a search query or some competitors/URLs and I'll run it through our tool for you to compare our results to any other Interest Search tool out there. :)

Examples of tools we can build for your business:

Honestly, the possibilities are endless. Here are just some examples of things we've built for clients to increase their conversion rates and LTV:

1) Our in-house tool is obviously the most impactful one as it helps us profitably scale campaigns. We work with our clients to run all relevant interests, competitors, and website URLs through the tool to laser-focus our ad sets and audience targeting.

2) We've developed advanced chatbots that assist users with things like decluttering their homes & losing weight through weekly cooking challenges. We've even created a realistic grief counselor for those who have lost a pet cat. These tools are robust, and if taken off-topic, they redirect the conversation back to fulfill their original purpose.

3) We've created entire digital magazines from the ground up, handling all aspects including copywriting, design, digital illustrations, website development, backend systems, membership/subscription management, topic generation, and content production for every issue.

4) We've built lead magnets, like digital storybooks, using AI to generate leads or serve as product upsells.

5) We also use an internal Video Ad generator. We feed content from your website, your strongest ad copy, your best-performing ad video transcripts, and industry info into our tool. It then quickly generates numerous scripts with dialogue, scenarios, B-Roll, and more to guide you in creating your next scalable video ad.

If you can think of it, odds are good we can create it for you—for free. Why free? If it's increasing your conversion rate, then it's also increasing your sales, which means we win too.

We've been scaling since 2015

Taking clients from hundreds in ad spend per day to multi-THOUSANDS per day in profitable ad spend.


of businesses who reach out to work with us get turned away.

Why? Two reasons. The first is something no one likes to hear... but some businesses just are never going to do well on Facebook and we're the only ads company that will honestly tell you that.

The second is that we hate losing clients money.

We'll only take you onboard if we're 100% confident we can deliver exceptional, profitable results.


performance-based pricing

We only charge based on revenue generated by our ads. Zero retainer.

It keeps us accountable and aligns our incentives with yours.

We'll make sure you're profitable even after our fees, your ad spend, and COGS.

What happens if we can't do that? We won't charge you a cent.


setup fees and no contracts

We don't charge anything upfront to get started & we don't lock you into a contract. Like we said, we're 100% performance-based.


monthly referral program

Refer clients to Growth Ninja and receive a 20% monthly payout on our earnings for as long as they stay with us.

With our thorough vetting process, you can trust that the clients you refer will be in good hands.

Current record lifetime payout to a referrer: $54K+

Learn more about the referral program or get started by sending an email to

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